Whistleblower Alleges Sex Abuse by UN Peacekeepers

un_peace_mission.jpg_1718483346UN whistleblower Anders Kompass recently reported that United Nations peacekeepers around the world are guilty of sex abuse of minors. Victims, many of them minors, have filed dozens of paternity claims against UN peacekeepers.

According to a leaked internal report, 85 percent of all sex abuse by UN peacekeepers occurred in Congo, Haiti, Liberia, and South Sudan. Almost a third of the abuse claims involved minors.

Kompass is director of field operations for the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights and told Reuters news that UN staff fears recrimination from the agency if they speak out about the abuse.

No one really knows the extent of the abuse because cases are under-reported. One internal report indicates that “The UN does not know how serious the problem of S.E.A. [sexual exploitation and abuse] is.”

According to the report, 480 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse occurred between 2008 and 2013.


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