University of Oregon Settles Rape Lawsuit

OregonDuck2The University of Oregon recently settled a lawsuit for $800,000 filed by a former student who alleged she was raped by three University of Oregon basketball players her freshman year.

The district attorney did not charge any of the alleged offenders with crimes, apparently not believing there was enough evidence to prove a criminal case. But the U of O dismissed the three players from the team and eventually banned them from the university for four years or longer.

According to the Register Guard, “The university also agreed to reform the process by which it admits transfer students, an issue in this case because [one of the accused players] was a transfer student. It will ask potential enrollees whether they have a disciplinary record at their former college, and if they say yes, they’ll be required to sign a waiver of their federal privacy rights so the UO can review the disciplinary records.”

The civil lawsuit alleged that the woman was placed in harm’s way because the U of O allowed one of the basketball players to transfer to the school in spite of a previous sexual assault allegation at another school.

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