Understanding Sexual Abuse – Books, Experience, and Listening to our Clients

Understanding sexual abuse is hard. And who wants to try? Sexual abuse is not a subject anyone wants to think about, let alone read about and study. But our clients live with the sexual abuse they went through when they were kids, or sexual assault as adults, so Ashley and I try to learn as […]

Victim of Mark Laverdure, Convicted Child Sex Offender, Sues Native American Youth and Family Center for Child Abuse

  VICTIM OF MARK LAVERDURE, CONVICTED CHILD SEX OFFENDER, SUES NATIVE AMERICAN YOUTH AND FAMILY CENTER FOR CHILD ABUSE In a lawsuit filed today in Multnomah County, a woman alleges she was sexually assaulted as a teenager by Mark Laverdure when she was a student at the Early College Academy (now known as Many Nations […]

Teens Sexting, Sharing Nude Photos a Sign of the Times That Could Lead to Criminal Charges

I was recently interviewed by KGW News, a Portland, Oregon NBC affiliate on the uptick in teen sexting and nude photo sharing. It’s a problem that is prevalent with seemingly little thought on the part of those participating in these behaviors as to the consequences of their behavior. As a sexual abuse survivor advocate and […]

Woody Allen’s Son Speaks Out for Sister, Other Sexual Abuse Victims

Woody Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, has accused the famous director and actor of sexually abusing her as a child.  Despite these damning allegations, Allen’s new movie, Cafe Society, opened at the Cannes Film Festival, and the star remains hugely popular. Ronan Farrow, the brother of Dylan and son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, has […]

Providence Journal Reporter Tells His Own Collateral Abuse Story

In the 1970’s, Providence Journal reporter Bruce Desilva got a call from a distraught mother. She said that her 10-year-old son had been repeatedly molested by a Catholic priest. Desilva met with the mother and her son, heard their story, and went to his editor. At the time, Desilva was a young reporter who loved […]

Former Tennessee Professor Indicted on Sexual Abuse Charges

Tennessee Tech University and currently serves as the vice chairman of the Cookeville Planning Commission, was indicted on three criminal charges by a grand jury. According to the indictment, Loutzenheiser is charged with one count of rape of a child, one count of aggravated sexual battery Roy C. Loutzenheiser, 72, who recently retired as the […]

California Appeals Court Overturns Teacher Sex Abuse Case

A California appeals court reversed a lower court ruling that held a 14-year-old should be held responsible for a sexual act with a school teacher because she “consented” to the act. In its defense during trial, the school district argued that the 14-year-old shared responsibility for the sexual acts and had a responsibility to stop […]

University of Oregon Settles Rape Lawsuit

The University of Oregon recently settled a lawsuit for $800,000 filed by a former student who alleged she was raped by three University of Oregon basketball players her freshman year. The district attorney did not charge any of the alleged offenders with crimes, apparently not believing there was enough evidence to prove a criminal case. […]

The Movie Calvary and What It Tells Us About Sexual Abuse

The movie Calvary, recently opened in theaters across the country, is set in the rural Irish countryside. The main character is an Irish priest who discovered his vocation after his wife died. Father James Lavelle (played by Brendan Gleeson) serves the small Irish community along with an inept younger assistant named Father Leary. The villagers […]

Book Review: The Witch-Hunt Narrative by Ross E. Cheit

Problems are never truly solved until they are understood. Trusted organizations like the Boy Scouts, churches, or schools will never be safe for children until we understand how pedophiles targeted these institutions, using the institutions’ own cultures and policies to prey on children and hide from detection. Among the forces preventing a full understanding of […]

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