Sexual Abuse at Catlin Gabel School: Initial Report

A shocking report of sexual abuse at Catlin Gabel School (CGS) released last month revealed that at least nine former teachers and staff members sexually molested or exploited students. The abuse dates back to the 1970’s. The report documents complaints and allegations of sexual impropriety with students involving as many as 21 adults at the […]

How Long Do You Have to Sue for Child Sexual Abuse?

The deadline for bringing a lawsuit for child sexual abuse depends on the statutes of limitation (SOLs) in your state. States have different SOLs for civil or criminal cases for sex abuse. Oregon and many other states recognize that child sex abuse victims often take years before they are able to come forward to make […]

Oregon Legislators Pass Two Bills Supporting Rape Victims

Oregon lawmakers have sent two bills to the governor for her signature that would benefit rape victims as well as victims of other sex crimes. Senate Bill 1600 removes the statute of limitations for first-degree sex crimes, including rape, when there’s additional corroborating evidence, even if there’s no DNA evidence available. Under current Oregon law, […]

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