Father Maurice Grammond — Oregon’s Serial Child Sex Predator

We recently filed the latest in a long string of claims against the Portland Archdiocese on behalf of an adult who was sexually abused as a young boy by Fr. Maurice Grammond. Grammond, who spent most of his years as a priest in Seaside, Oregon, has the reputation as Oregon’s most notorious pedophile. It didn’t […]

Oregon Orthodox Priest Arrested on Sex and Drug Charges Involving a Minor

An Orthodox Christian priest, Father Daniel James Mackay, 42, has been arrested on criminal charges including purchasing sex with a minor, sexual misconduct, patronizing a Prostitute, endangering the welfare of a minor, unlawful possession of cocaine and using a minor in a controlled substance offense. Mackay has been an Orthodox priest since 2011 when he […]

Church Personnel Files Reveal New Sex Abuser

If you’ve ever wondered why lawyers for Catholic Church sexual abuse survivors fight to make the church’s personnel files public, today’s news gives you a good indication. As a result of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles sexual abuse settlement, a new abuser has been publicly revealed. Brother Gregory Atherton, a member of the Friar Servants […]

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