Oregon DHS Head Resigns

Oregon’s Director of Child Welfare, Lena Alhusseini, has resigned from her post less than a year after she assumed the position at the state Department of Human Services.  She will remain with the agency until September, although move to the human resource department’s diversity recruitment wing. DHS has come under intense scrutiny in the past […]

Oregon DHS Workers Fired After Managers Ignore Law

Two Oregon former DHS workers are suing the state after being fired for complaining to their supervisors that case managers were ignoring state law and making decisions on their own. Shandie Johnson and Tammarra Ferguson refused to keep quiet about repeated times they saw managers bypass judges and make their own decisions about children in […]

Children Unsafe in Oregon Foster Care, Lawmakers Learn

Oregon children are not safe in foster care, the head of Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) recently admitted. Oregon lawmakers were outraged last September, when allegations went public about abuse of foster care children at Give Us This Day, a publicly funded day care center in Portland. Allegations included unclean conditions, abuse and neglect […]

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