Physical & Mental Abuse at Catlin Gabel, New Lawsuit

FORMER STUDENTS SUE FOR PHYSICAL & MENTAL ABUSE AT CATLIN GABEL Physical and mental abuse at Catlin Gabel is at the heart of a new lawsuit. Three more alumni of Catlin Gabel sued the school with claims they were abused as students. We now represent over 20 former students of CGS who were sexually, physically, […]

Beaverton City Council Compels Strip Club to Take Active Stance Against Child Sex Trafficking

Stars Cabaret, a Beaverton, Oregon strip club, has entered into a settlement agreement with the Beaverton City Council that requires the adult club to take measures against child sex trafficking. According to The Oregonian, the three year deal requires the strip club to have a “zero tolerance policy” regarding sex trafficking and prostitution. The strip […]

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