Oregon GMO Battle Part of Open Source Seed Revolution

Oregon GMO labeling supporters gear up to battle Big Ag, food and seed patenting could become a key issue. “Biodiversity” advocates have long bemoaned the loss of diversity in the foods we eat, plants we grow, and seeds we cultivate. As Michael Pollan sums it up in his In Defense of Food book: Half of […]

Oregon Grocery Stores Delay Efforts to Sell Hard Liquor

When I first moved to San Francisco from Oregon, I came home with a bottle of liquor every time I went grocery shopping. My husband eventually noticed and asked me why? Simple – BECAUSE I COULD. Unlike in Oregon, Californians can buy booze at the grocery store instead of having to make separate trips to […]

Big Dairy Abuses Highlight Need for Food Freedom

A new lawsuit alleges that dairy giant Darigold abuses its workers and its cows, producing milk “under conditions where dairy cows are injured and sick, where despite suffering from bloody and swollen udders, cows are still milked . . .” Food Freedom would allow consumers to buy their milk from different dairies. Darigold has 69 […]

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