Sexual Abuse in the SBC is No Surprise, But Still a Shock

Sexual abuse inside the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) should come as no surprise, given the history of abuse in other organizations. Still, when the Southern Baptist Convention released a report in May 2022 of the SBC’s horrible response to decades of sexual abuse allegations, it hit like a bombshell. Sexual predators gravitate to where they […]

Church Files Petition to Publicly Identify Child Abuse Victims

In response to a sexual abuse lawsuit, the Westside Family Church has petitioned the court to publicly reveal the names of two victims.  Both girls were younger than 14 years of age at the time of the incidents. The abuse lawsuit against the Baptist church in Lenexa, Kansas involves abuse at a summer Bible study […]

Anglican Bishop Goes to Jail for Sex Abuse

A retired Anglican bishop has finally landed in jail, convicted of sexually abusing teen agers and young men, most in training to be priests. Peter Ball was the Bishop of Lewes in southern England between 1977 and 1992. He earlier escaped prosecution when the claims first arose in the early 1990s when lawmakers, a senior […]

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