Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claims: Will SOL Windows or BSA Bankruptcy Help?

Boy Scouts sex abuse is in the news. Hundreds of men hoping to sue the Boy Scouts of America over alleged sexual abuse are coming forward for the first time. They are coming forward now, as adults, because the Boy Scouts have been talking about filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does mean the Boy Scouts would […]

Article Offers Ideas for CPS Investigators

I recently co-authored an article with Professor Daniel Pollack of Yeshiva University in New York called “Matching the Right CPS Investigator with the Right Investigation.” Professor Pollack is an expert in the field of child safety, a professor of social work, and a law school graduate. I’ve dedicated my legal practice to seeking justice for […]

Supreme Court Issues an Important Ruling in Child Abuse Cases

The United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of allowing teachers to testify about a child’s report of abuse in a criminal trial. The Court held that, in certain circumstances, a teacher’s testimony about what a child said about the abuse is admissible, despite a defendant’s constitutional right to confront his accuser. The Clark […]

Oregon Lawmakers Working on Abuse Bill to Protect Elderly and Children

Oregon legislators are working on a bill that would make it a felony to cut or bruise the elderly and children. The goal is to protect children too young to testify and adults unable to testify because of dementia or other age-related conditions. The bill is significant primarily because it would no longer require the […]

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