Credible Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Cardinal McCarrick Force Removal from Ministry

The Vatican says sex abuse allegations against American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick are credible and has removed him from public ministry. McCarrick, now 87, is accused of sexually abusing a teenager 50 years ago, when McCarrick was a priest. Rumors have circulated about McCarrick and young seminarians since he was the bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey […]

Catholic Priest Wanted in USA and Canada for Child Pornography Hides in Vatican

Monsignor Carlo Capella, a 50-year-old priest and diplomat in the Vatican’s foreign service, is safely hiding in the Vatican, despite two countries that want to arrest him on child pornography charges. Both the US and Canada have issues warrants for the priest’s arrest, but he is untouchable as long as he stays within the walls […]

Dual Roles as Priest and Boy Scout Master Provided Easy Access to Children

Louis Brouillard served as a Catholic priest on the island of Guam from the 1940’s until 1981. He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Agana in 1948. During his clerical tenure, he also served as a Boy Scout leader, giving him access to a wide range of children, Catholic and non-Catholic. Brouillard has publicly admitted […]

Pennsylvania Senate Guts Pro Sex Abuse Victim Bill

Pennsylvania failed victims of child sexual abuse and caved into pressure from the Catholic Church and insurance companies. Faced with the chance to fully reform the state’s statute of limitations for civil claims, the state Senate balked. By a 9-4 vote, the Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania State Senate passed an amendment stripping the provision […]

What Went Wrong with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Settlement with Survivors of Sexual Abuse?

In comparison to the other settlements with abuse survivors in Catholic dioceses or archdioceses in bankruptcy, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s settlement is horribly skewed. Victims of priest sex abuse will receive an average of only $44,000 from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy deal after the Church’s lawyers get paid. This is shockingly less than the […]

Investigation Launched Into How Priest Was Able to Abuse Children For Decades

Northern Ireland’s Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) has launched an inquiry into how Catholic priest Brendan Smyth was able to sexually abuse hundreds of children for more than four decades. Allegations of sexual abuse first surfaced concerning Smyth in 1975. Apparently the Catholic Church conducted “official” investigations as early as 1975. The Church moved Smyth […]

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