November 16 Deadline to File Sex Abuse Claim in BSA Bankruptcy

November 16, 2020 is the deadline to file a sex abuse claim in the Boy Scouts bankruptcy. The BSA filed for bankruptcy in February, seeking to reorganize. This week, bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein set a November 16 deadline for all creditors, including abuse survivors, to file claims. FILING A CLAIM BY NOVEMBER 16, 2020 […]

Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claims: Will SOL Windows or BSA Bankruptcy Help?

Boy Scouts sex abuse is in the news. Hundreds of men hoping to sue the Boy Scouts of America over alleged sexual abuse are coming forward for the first time. They are coming forward now, as adults, because the Boy Scouts have been talking about filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does mean the Boy Scouts would […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Face Sanctions for Withholding Documents in Sex Abuse Case

A San Diego Superior Court judge ordered the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses, also known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, to pay $4,000 a day in fines as long as it refuses to produce documents in a sexual abuse case brought by former church member Osbaldo Padron. Padron’s lawyers had asked Judge […]

California Teacher in Court Facing 87 Sex Abuse Counts Against 20 Minors

A 33-year-old California teacher is in court on criminal charges that span more than a decade. West County middle school teacher Ron Guinto is charged with 87 criminal counts involving 20 minors that he allegedly sexually abused over 11 years, from October 2002 to October 2013. The former middle school teacher faces serious criminal charges […]

California Appeals Court Overturns Teacher Sex Abuse Case

A California appeals court reversed a lower court ruling that held a 14-year-old should be held responsible for a sexual act with a school teacher because she “consented” to the act. In its defense during trial, the school district argued that the 14-year-old shared responsibility for the sexual acts and had a responsibility to stop […]

Closing a Loophole in California’s Consent Law

Good news in California! A new law closes a silly loophole that allowed school districts to argue that teenage victims “consented” to sex with teachers. Now it is perfectly clear: A child under 18 cannot legally “consent” to sexual acts with a teacher, coach, or another adult in a position of authority. Outstanding! The legislature […]

Jailed California Boy Scout Assistant Troop Leader Faces Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Already serving prison time for sexually molesting two minor boys at a party, Dustin Hendrick, an assistant troop leader in Redding, California is now facing a civil sexual abuse lawsuit. Hendrick, along with the national Boy Scouts of America and the local Golden Empire Council of the Boy Scouts are defendants in the civil sexual […]

California Sex Abuse Lawsuit Reveals Dark Side of Local Church

As we know from hundreds of civil sexual abuse lawsuits filed against the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, the Boy Scouts, and other institutions of public trust, the officials in these institutions often instinctively chose to protect the perpetrators rather than the abused children. A recently filed sex abuse lawsuit in California demonstrates the point. […]

California Abuse Case: Boy Scout Files Admissible

Judge Donna Geck of Santa Barbara Superior Court has ruled that the Boy Scout files can be used in a Boy Scout sex abuse lawsuit. According to the Huffington Post, “Prosecutors, representing the family of a man who was abused at age 13 by a Scout leader, successfully argued that the files could show the […]

Governor Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Help California Victims of Sex Abuse

In vetoing a bill that would give childhood victims of sexual abuse an extended period of time to hold institutions accountable for the actions of child predators, Governor Jerry Brown wrote, “There needs to be a compelling reason to lengthen the statute of limitations for civil claims against third parties. I do not see evidence […]

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