Boy Scout Abuse Survivors React to BSA Bankruptcy

  Boy Scout Abuse Survivors Have Mixed Reactions to BSA Bankruptcy Boy Scout abuse survivors had mixed reactions to news that The Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy. Reactions range from anger to optimism from men who were sexually abused when they were kids in Boy Scouts. “We represent dozens of […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Two men filed lawsuits today against the Boy Scouts of America and Montana Council alleging they were sexually abused by their Scout leaders when they were involved in Boy Scout troops in Montana. The men are identified only by initials, M.M. and M.B., under Montana law that allows survivors of child sexual […]

Rex Tillerson and Boy Scout Sex Abuse

Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, has a long history with the Boy Scouts of America. Tillerson was President of the Boy Scouts of America from 2010 to 2012, during the landmark Oregon Boy Scout sex abuse trial involving Kerry Lewis. That trial resulted in a $19.9 million verdict for the […]

Clyde Brock – Boy Scouts Perversion Files

When the Boy Scouts of America first learned about Clyde Brock taking nude photos of young Scouts, they did nothing but give him a warning.  Brock was called to task for a second time for taking nude photos of scouts, and yet again, BSA only gave him a warning.  It wasn’t until 1968 when BSA […]

Richard Herbert Smith – Boy Scouts Perversion Files

Back in 1966, Richard Herbert Smith was convicted in New York on four counts of child sexual abuse, including sodomy and carnal abuse of a child. Despite this earlier conviction, Smith was able to register as a Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 269 in Tillamook, Oregon, where he served from 1981 until 1983. It wasn’t […]

Jury to Consider Punitive Damages in Dumas Law Group Boy Scout Sex Abuse Trial

The judge in one of our Boy Scout sex abuse cases granted our motion to add a claim for $65 million in punitive damages against the Boy Scouts of America. (It’s case number 14CV05531 in Multnomah County, Oregon.) We filed the lawsuit here in Portland against the Boy Scouts for our client who was sexually […]

Allen Ewalt-Boy Scouts’ Perversion Files

Although he had supposedly been kicked out of the Boy Scouts in 1965 for sexually molesting boys in Troop 323 in Green Mountain, Iowa, Allen Clarence Ewalt continued to volunteer and even work as a paid Scouter until 1987. The BSA first created an “Ineligible Volunteer” or “Perversion File” on Ewalt in 1965 for his […]

Charles Grewe – Boy Scout Perversion Files

As a school bus driver for Durham Transportation which served the Everett, Washington School District, Charles Grewe was regularly in the company of children. He also held a prominent position within the local Boy Scouts. In 1980, Charles Grewe was a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America in Washington State where he served as […]

Montana Men Tell Boy Scouts of John David McBride Abuse

I’m here in polar-cold Missoula, Montana but my heart is warmed by two of my brave clients. They met separately yesterday with an attorney for the Boy Scouts of America and told her exactly how their Scoutmaster John McBride had molested and raped them when them when they were 12 and 14 year old Boy […]

“Scout’s Honor” – Book on Boy Scout Abuse on Kindle $1.99

The book is a little outdated now that over 1,200 BSA “Perversion Files” have been made public and so much more has come to light. But it explains the history of child molesters targeting Scouts and how the Boy Scouts, from the beginning, tried to cover up the problem. With example after example, Patrick Boyle […]

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