Sexual Abuse in the SBC is No Surprise, But Still a Shock

Sexual abuse inside the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) should come as no surprise, given the history of abuse in other organizations. Still, when the Southern Baptist Convention released a report in May 2022 of the SBC’s horrible response to decades of sexual abuse allegations, it hit like a bombshell. Sexual predators gravitate to where they […]

Understanding Sexual Abuse – Books, Experience, and Listening to our Clients

Understanding sexual abuse is hard. And who wants to try? Sexual abuse is not a subject anyone wants to think about, let alone read about and study. But our clients live with the sexual abuse they went through when they were kids, or sexual assault as adults, so Ashley and I try to learn as […]

Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claims: Will SOL Windows or BSA Bankruptcy Help?

Boy Scouts sex abuse is in the news. Hundreds of men hoping to sue the Boy Scouts of America over alleged sexual abuse are coming forward for the first time. They are coming forward now, as adults, because the Boy Scouts have been talking about filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does mean the Boy Scouts would […]

Woody Allen’s Son Speaks Out for Sister, Other Sexual Abuse Victims

Woody Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, has accused the famous director and actor of sexually abusing her as a child.  Despite these damning allegations, Allen’s new movie, Cafe Society, opened at the Cannes Film Festival, and the star remains hugely popular. Ronan Farrow, the brother of Dylan and son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, has […]

What is Grooming When We Talk about Child Abuse?

Grooming is the process a child molester uses to find victims. To a child – and often the child’s family – grooming may look like friendship or kindness. It may be a gentle pat or hug, small gifts, little treats, or just a smile, encouraging word, or a listening ear. A child molester uses these […]

Who is a Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse in Oregon?

Oregon law requires adults in many professions to report child abuse. These “mandatory reporters” must make a report if they reasonably believe that a child has been abused, or that an adult has abused a child. But just who is a mandatory reporter? Some are obvious, such as police officers and doctors, who have been […]

Q & A with Abuse Survivor & Author Randy Ellison

Randy Ellison‘s fiercely honest memoir, Boys Don’t Tell: Ending the Silence of Abuse, tells the story of Randy’s recovery from childhood sexual abuse after he was molested by a trusted minister. Randy also explains why victims of abuse by trusted adults — especially male victims — find it so hard to “just get over it and move on.” […]

New Sex Abuse Statute of Limitations Passes Both House and Senate in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts House of Representatives and State Senate have passed a bill that will provide more time for sexual abuse survivors to hold their abusers accountable in a civil court of law. The bill is expected to be signed by the Governor. Under the new law, any child 18 or younger who is abused after […]

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse can range from the sexual exploitation and “sexualizing” of a child, to fondling and sexual intercourse, to child pornography and sex trafficking. It is often connected with physical and psychological abuse. Most often, children do not tell anyone about the abuse for years or even decades. If you or someone you care […]

Five Tips for Suing Your Abuser

If you are considering bringing a lawsuit against the person who molested you as a child, the attorneys at the Dumas Law Group can help. Below is a list of five things you should keep in mind when making your decision: 1. Use a Pseudonym Most courts will allow victims of childhood sexual abuse to […]

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