Southern Cal Faces Doctor Sex Abuse Scandal

Dr. George Tyndall, a former University of Southern California doctor, is accused of sexually abusing and harassing at least 52 women when he was the gynecologist at the university’s health center. Tyndall was at the university for almost 30 years before leaving quietly last year.

University President C. L. Max Nikias resigned in the face of accusations that USC “actively and deliberately concealed Tyndall’s sexual abuse for years.”

Police estimate Dr. George Tyndall may have seen 10,000 patients and they think there are more victims among women who were examined by Tyndall.

“We wanted to personally outreach to those who may have been impacted and believe they have been the victim of criminal conduct,” police said.

Tyndall is being sued by several former patients, who accuse him of sexual misconduct and using racist language. Accusations date from 1990 to 2016, roughly the same years Tyndall worked at USC

The allegations about Tyndall’s behavior first emerged publicly in a May 15 story in the LA Times.

Several women have filed lawsuits alleging that Tyndall assaulted them while conducting pelvic examinations with his fingers, without gloves, and used racist and inappropriately sexual language during consultations. The lawsuits also name the university as a defendant. Lawyers filed a class action lawsuit this week.

USC fired Tyndall in 2017 for inappropriate behavior. University officials said the school “reached a settlement” with the doctor, but did not report him to law enforcement or state medical authorities.

Law enforcement, alumni, and students criticize the university’s failure to stop Tyndall. Evidence is coming to light that the university received complaints about the doctor’s behavior nearly 20 years ago and did nothing.


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