Sexual Assault — A Growing National Problem

Sexual AssaultWhether sexual assaults have always occurred but never reported is open for debate. What isn’t debatable is the epidemic volume of reported sexual assaults reported nationwide. Such reports do not favor one age group, race, sex, or socio-economic class.

What is clear is that the number of reported sexual assaults is up and way up. Since I’ve sat down and began writing this particular post there has been an online article calling for the Princeton Review to begin publishing information concerning a university’s reported sex assault rate, an article reporting MIT’s efforts to combat sexual assault, and a case of sexual assault in the military.

All this happened in the space of an hour.

These news articles reflect a growing concern that sexual assault is a growing societal problem with no sure signs of abating or any clear indication of how to stop it.

In the next few weeks, I’ll explore the issue in greater depth as well as discuss the legal remedies for this latest societal scourge.

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