Russ Williams — Boy Scouts Perversion Files

BSA logoRuss Williams’ Boy Scouts of America Perversion File or Ineligible Volunteer File dates back to July 5, 1989, when he was convicted of sodomy in the first degree.

As a 47-year-old married man living in Oregon City, Oregon, Russ Williams appeared to be the ideal Boy Scout volunteer until his dark history was brought to light.

Most disturbing about the Williams’ case is that he had gained access to young boys through his former employer, the Clackamas County Sheriffs’ Department, which had sponsored Explorer Scout Post 715.

Another document found in the Ineligible Volunteer file refers to Russ Williams as a “past Explorer Advisor”. In that document, a hand-written note is shown above a newspaper story relating Williams’ guilty plea concerning the charge of 1st degree sodomy. The note reads, “Don — do we need to RED FLAG Russ Williams who was a past Explorer Advisor — Keith”

The question asked is striking for its seeming lack of appreciation for the gravity of the crime Williams pled guilty. The answer should be obvious and not necessary. Yet, at that time and in that particular Boy Scouts group, the answer was tragically not so obvious.

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