Pastor Michael Sperou Testifies At His Sex Abuse Trial

Clackamas pastorOn the eleventh day of his sex abuse trial, Pastor Michael Sperou took the witness stand to testify on his own behalf. During his testimony, he denied ever having sexually abused anyone and that his actions had been misinterpreted by his accusers.

However, according to The Oregonian, Sperou contradicted his previous testimony during cross-examination. “Under cross-examination by prosecutor Chris Mascal, Sperou repeatedly disagreed with a 1997 police report in which he said he ‘could have’ inappropriately touched the women – young girls at the time — but either didn’t remember clearly or the contact was accidental. But Tuesday, when Mascal asked Sperou to comment on allegations in the report, he answered with an emphatic ‘No!’ or ‘That never happened!’ Sperou testified that he believes the girls’ parents are largely behind their daughters’ complaints. He said he believes they are “trying to take me down spiritually.”

Sperou admitted that he allowed children to spend the night with him, in his own bed, and when questioned, argued that the culture has changed so that today such actions would be taboo.

Sperou stands trial for three counts of first degree sexual penetration of a child under age 12.

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