Oregon Grocery Stores Delay Efforts to Sell Hard Liquor

Food & DrinkWhen I first moved to San Francisco from Oregon, I came home with a bottle of liquor every time I went grocery shopping. My husband eventually noticed and asked me why? Simple – BECAUSE I COULD. Unlike in Oregon, Californians can buy booze at the grocery store instead of having to make separate trips to state liquor stores – usually shops with the inconvenient location, charm, and customer service of a branch post office.

I have always wanted to see the end of Oregon’s state-run liquor stores, but now that there are some efforts to change the system, I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I oppose state-owned liquor stores like OLCC on principle. People should have the freedom to buy liquor where they buy their food?

When Washington State got rid of their state-owned liquor stores, they traded easier access to booze for higher taxes. They can buy hooch at the grocery store, but they have to pay Big Brother more to do it.

What’s a freedom-loving imbiber to do?

It looks like Oregon has some time to decide, now that early attempts to change the system have stalled. Aside from building my own still in the basement, what are the alternatives?

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