Oregon Elementary School Sued Over Principal’s Sexual Abuse of Two Girls

A sexual abuse lawsuit was filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court against the school district and former principal Jeff Hays concerning allegations made by two girls who were students at the school.

The lawsuit alleges he sexually abused two students, identified in the lawsuit only by initials, between 2005 and 2009 while he was principal at Deep Creek.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department completed a criminal investigation into the allegations in January and has presented the case to prosecutors, said sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Brian Jensen. A charging decision has not been made, Jensen said.

Hays resigned from Deep Creek Elementary School in Damascus where the sexual abuse occurred over a number of years in the principal’s office.

The abuse began when the girls were in the second grade.  The abuse occurred in the principal’s office, with the door closed and the window shades drawn. Hays met privately with one of the girls between 20 and 25 times over three years, during which his sexual abuse of her increased in severity, the case alleges.

Hays began abusing the other girl when she was seven years old, court papers said.

The president of the elementary school’s Booster Club knew about Hays’ meetings in his office with the shades drawn and confronted the principal about the practice but it continued.

Hays is currently executive director of City View Charter School in Hillsboro, another Portland suburb. He left Deep Creek in 2009. The fact that Hays continues to work in education where he has unfettered access to children is a grave concern.

While no one else has come forward yet with similar allegations against him, there may be other victims. As we sadly know, most sexual abusers don’t stop until they are caught and punished. It is possible that Hays may be endangering the lives of other children. Anyone with knowledge of Hays’ possible criminal activity should report it to the proper law enforcement authorities immediately.

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