Oregon Boy Scout Leaders Accused of Sexually Molesting Children

Oregon Map Public DomainThe LA Times database of publicly available Boy Scout “Perversion Files” includes records on 84 Oregon Scout volunteers accused of sexually molesting children or other wrongdoing sufficient to get them put into a BSA Ineligible Volunteer File. A map with all Oregon Perversion File perpetrators and their geographical locations at the time the BSA created their files can be found here.

The names of Oregon Scout volunteers accused of wrongdoing, which can be found in the public files, include: Aard Bruce Ady, Richard Allen Backes, Thomas Lee Bailey, Gregory A. Benson, Clyde A. Brock, Carleton T. Coffey, Ferol Curtis Hester, Gary G. Dahlgren, Benjamin E. Drake, Kenneth James Drury, Timur V. Dykes, Robert Joseph Ewing, Jerrold S. Fleming, David John Francies, George O. Frie, Ronald R. Frost, Brian M. Gagnier, Kenneth Gates, Robert Monroe Grubbs, Gerald Wayne Gunter, Steven Miles Heagy, James F. Hogan, Dick A. Jensen, Linford David Jones, David L. Kennedy, Howard Cameron Lien, Franklin Leon Mathias, Jay Douglas Mitchell, David W. Moffitt, Rand Darrell Newby, William Ronald Daniel Patterson, James Frederick Peetz, Bruce T. Reynolds, James Ross Richards, James Martin Rise, Donald L. Santy, James A. Savard, Joseph Ray Schuerman, Richard Herbert Smith, Francis J. Tanzer, William D. Tobiassen, Frank Ward, Russ Williams, Roy S. Wilson.

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