More on Dumas Suit Against Scout Leader Clyde Brock

Clyde Brock Press ReleaseThe Oregonian wrote this article on our filing of a new Oregon Boy Scout abuse lawsuit.

The story details in part the negligence and attitude of the Boy Scouts in their handling of volunteer Clyde Brock whom they knew had been abusing young Scouts.

The Oregonian writes:

Scouting executives quietly blacklisted Brock from ever volunteering again, but let him save face by resigning because of his high blood pressure, according to the ineligible volunteer file. They didn’t tell the boys’ parents or call the police — and that allowed Brock to molest more boys, and he was ultimately convicted for some of those acts. Dumas described the Scout’s handling of Brock as “outrageous” — noting that even after Brock was quietly ousted in 1968, he was still honored at a 50th anniversary dinner for the Cascade Pacific Council.

An excerpt from our Press Release (read and download below):

Brock’s IV File is one of the worst in the country and the worst in Oregon,” said Ms. Dumas. “It is an example of how BSA used its IV File system to cover up knowledge of pedophiles in Scouting and put the organization’s reputation before the safety of children.” BSA created Brock’s IV File after receiving reports from two boys in Brock’s troop that Brock had sexual relations with them and possibly ten other boys in the Troop. Faced with this information, BSA allowed Brock to “resign” in exchange for BSA agreeing to not “investigate” by talking to the ten other boys or their parents. “The BSA agreed to keep parents of the molested boys in the dark to protect a credibly accused pedophile and its own reputation,” said Ms. Dumas.

The press release details the horrific acts of the abuser and the callous disregard of the Boy Scouts in this particularly tragic case of Clyde Brock and can be viewed below.

Download (PDF, 42KB)


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