Montana Men Tell Boy Scouts of John David McBride Abuse

800px-KootenaiMontanaI’m here in polar-cold Missoula, Montana but my heart is warmed by two of my brave clients. They met separately yesterday with an attorney for the Boy Scouts of America and told her exactly how their Scoutmaster John McBride had molested and raped them when them when they were 12 and 14 year old Boy Scouts in Libby, Montana.

It was a difficult but liberating experience for both men, now in their 50s. I only wish that the Boy Scouts could hear these stories directly from all of the tens of thousands of boys estimated to have been sexually abused by adult Scout volunteers.

McBride abused most of the boys in his Scout troop in Libby. He was arrested in late 1974 and convicted of molesting 15 of boys in the troop. Both of my clients had moved out of Libby with their families around the time of his arrest and were not among the 15 boys included in the criminal case.

This earlier news story about John McBride includes a copy of his “Perversion File” created by the BSA.

We are still looking for information about McBride. If you or someone you know was abused by McBride or another Boy Scout volunteer, please contact me at or 503-952-6789.

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