James Frederick Peetz — Boy Scouts Perversion Files

Scout Handbook 1911 - 1In December 1987, James Frederick Peetz of Beaverton Oregon registered as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America with Cub Scout Pack 763 in Beaverton, Oregon.

Four months later, his registration was suspended when James Frederick Peetz pleaded guilty and was convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree.

In May 1988, the name of Peetz was added to the Ineligible Volunteer list and the BSA created a “Perversion File” on him.

As in many of these Boy Scout abuse files, the information provided by the Boy Scouts is scant and the details concerning Peetz’ crime are not documented. There is no mention of any information the Scouts shared with the sponsoring organization, other adult volunteers, or the families of the Scouts in the Pack.

As with so many volunteers accused – and convicted — of sexually abusing children, the BSA did no more than complete its own internal paperwork and put a lid on information that could have helped parents and concerned citizens protect their children from abusers like James Frederick Peetz.

You can view the complaints against Peetz on the Document Cloud website.

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