It’s Time for New York to Reform its Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse

NYAdvocates for survivors of child sexual abuse in the state of New York have been trying to change the antiquated civil statute of limitations concerning the sexual abuse of children for decades now. The legislative fight has been led by Assemblywoman Margaret Markey whose tireless efforts have been repeatedly defeated by a well-financed and influential lobby backed by the Catholic Church.

Unlike California, which passed statute of limitations reform legislation in 2002, New York has remained one of the states that refuses to pass legislation providing justice to survivors of sexual abuse. The New York State Catholic Conference has successfully opposed such reform efforts arguing that a change in the law would be catastrophic to institutions like the Catholic Church.

According to the Times-Union, “A bill pending in the state Assembly would eliminate the statute of limitations on abuse cases going forward — and create a one-year window to allow anyone to file lawsuits no matter when the abuse occurred. Supporters gathered Wednesday in Albany to push for the bill.”

Unfortunately, the issue in New York is not about providing an opportunity to seek justice but a matter of money and influence. The Catholic Church in New York is a powerful institution in the Empire State headed by an influential and outspoken Cardinal who has friends in Albany. It is time that justice prevails and the money and influence peddlers take a back seat.

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