Gilion Dumas and Ashley Vaughn are sexual abuse and assault attorneys representing survivors of sexual trauma.



Gilion Dumas and Ashley Vaughn - sexual abuse and assault attorneys


The Dumas & Vaughn firm represents survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and workplace harassment. Based in Portland, Oregon, we help survivors across the United States.


Our firm works with survivors of abuse and assault suffered in the Boy Scouts and sports groups; the Assemblies of God, Catholic, Later Day Saint, Seventh-Day Adventists, Methodist, and other churches; private schools; foster care; colleges; and employment settings.


At Dumas & Vaughn, we help people who suffered abuse as children to change from being a victim of abuse to being a survivor of abuse. Your healing is our mission.


“We will listen to you and hear your story. That first step of speaking out will be your first step towards justice and healing.”


Attorneys Gilion Dumas and Ashley Vaughn founded their firm to represent people as sexual abuse and assault attorneys in civil cases. If you suffered sexual abuse, assault, or harassment in a youth services, religious, school, community, family, or employment setting, we can help you seek justice and accountability.



  • BOY SCOUTS: Gilion Dumas was one of the trial attorneys in a 2010 sexual abuse trial in Portland, Oregon against the Boy Scouts of America. The jury awarded $19.9 million against BSA and the Cascade Pacific Council to Plaintiff Kerry Lewis for compensation and punitive damages. The court also ordered the public release of over 1,200 of BSA’s “Ineligible Volunteer” or “Perversion” files on accused child molesters that were used as evidence in the trial. 
  • CATLIN GABEL SCHOOL: We represent over 20 former students of Catlin Gabel, a private school in Portland, in civil claims for sexual, physical, and emotional abuse dating from the 1970s to the 2000s. The abuse came to light when the school issued an internal report in December 2019.
  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Ashley Vaughn represented one of the women who accused Oregon legislator Jeff Kruse of sexual misconduct in 2018, leading to Kruse’s resignation, a landmark settlement, and an overhaul of the legislature’s sexual harassment policies. Ashley was jointly awarded the 2019 Arthur H. Bryant Public Justice Award by the Oregon Trials Lawyers Association for her work on that case.
  • LDS CHURCH: We successfully resolved civil claims against the Boy Scouts on behalf of 27 men who had been sexually abused as children in Idaho. Many of these men were in troops sponsored by the LDS Church, so also had claims against the Church. These men had been abused in the 1960s through the 1980s and the cases, filed in Federal District Court in Idaho, involved multiple perpetrators.
  • CO-ED SCOUTING: We reached a successful settlement on behalf of six women who were sexually assaulted as children by the leader of their co-ed Boy Scout Explorer post in Montana in the 1970s.
  • PUBLIC SCHOOLS: In 2019, we settled a case against a public school in Oregon for our client who was sexually assaulted by her high school principal when she was 14 to 18 years old.
  • CATHOLIC CHURCH: Since 2007, we have represented many men and women with claims against the Catholic Church, including achieving some of the highest settlements from the Portland Archdiocese “future claims trust” in bankruptcy court.
  • ASSEMBLIES OF GOD: We are currently litigating two civil lawsuits against the Assemblies of God Church on behalf of ten men with claims for child abuse by Royal Ranger volunteers in the 1980s.  
Gilion Dumas - Sexual Abuse Assault Attorney

Gilion Dumas

Ashley Vaughn - Sexual Abuse Assault Attorney

Ashley Vaughn


Dumas & Vaughn serves clients in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, and other states. We work with attorneys all across the country. Contact us for more information. 

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