Governor Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Help California Victims of Sex Abuse

sacramento-state-capitol-buildingIn vetoing a bill that would give childhood victims of sexual abuse an extended period of time to hold institutions accountable for the actions of child predators, Governor Jerry Brown wrote, “There needs to be a compelling reason to lengthen the statute of limitations for civil claims against third parties. I do not see evidence of that here.”

In rejecting justice for child victims of sexual abuse who are now adults for the second time in as many years, Governor Brown has chosen to ignore the mountain of research and testimony provided by health professionals. Brown ignores expert testimony that such childhood trauma cannot be properly recognized or confronted until much later in adult life, if ever.

Brown, a former Jesuit novice, was lobbied vigorously by the Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as other public institutions of trust to veto the legislation.

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