Elderly Twins Who Served as Boy Scouts’ Volunteers Indicted for Sexual Abuse

Twin brothers Jack and Jerry Cassidy have been indicted by a grand jury in Kentucky on charges of possession of matter portraying sexual performance by a minor, sodomy, indecent and immoral practices with another (under age 15) and sexual abuse.

The Cassidy brothers were Boy Scout volunteers in the 1970’s and police have discovered journals documenting their sexual abuse including “practically every young boy in their Boy Scout troop, including birth dates and a timeline.”  Investigators say there was a “poem book” about each child and two books containing logs of sexual abuse. Investigators described the records as “trophies,” according to Lexington Kentucky’s NBC affiliate.

Now, victims of the Cassidy brothers are coming forward. According to one former Scout, the boys were forced to march around the campfire naked during scouting trips and drink alcohol until they passed out. The brothers would take pictures of the naked children, many of which were found by police upon their arrest.

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