Clyde Brock — Oregon Boy Scouts Perversion File of Shame

09pic1We are getting ready to file a new sex abuse case in Portland against the Boy Scouts based on abuse by Clyde Brock (who died in 2001). Brock was featured in a 2012 article in The Oregonian because his Boy Scout “Ineligible Volunteer File” is Oregon’s worst example of how the Boy Scouts covered up the risk of pedophiles targeting Scouts.

Clyde Brock died in 2001 but not before he left a trail of terror and sexual abuse that could have been prevented if the Boy Scouts of America had fulfilled their fiduciary duty to the public and informed parents of dangerous pedophiles rather than keeping lists in “confidential files”.

The Boy Scouts opened a “Perversion File” on Brock in 1968 after warning him on two occasions to stop taking nude pictures of young scouts. In the same year, Brock was accused of molesting 12 boys. Rather than informing the public of the dangers Brock posed, they allowed him to resign for “health reasons” and even allowed him to be honored during a 50th anniversary Scout dinner.

He was finally convicted in 1971 for molesting three boys, ages 10 and 11. would like to talk to anyone who has information about Clyde Brock. He was a mailman in Oregon City. Please contact me at 503-952-6789 or or use or confidential contact form.

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