Clyde Brock – Boy Scouts Perversion Files

Clyde BrockWhen the Boy Scouts of America first learned about Clyde Brock taking nude photos of young Scouts, they did nothing but give him a warning.  Brock was called to task for a second time for taking nude photos of scouts, and yet again, BSA only gave him a warning.  It wasn’t until 1968 when BSA kicked out Clyde Brock for sexually abusing scouts and officially placed him in their permanent Ineligible Volunteer (“I.V.”) file system.

Clyde Brock was featured in an article by The Oregonian in 2012 because his Ineligible Volunteer File is Oregon’s worst example of how the Boy Scouts covered up the risk of pedophiles targeting Scouts.

Brock was Scoutmaster of Troop 220 in Oregon City, OR, where he was accused of molesting at least 12 scouts in his troop.  Instead of informing the public about the dangers of Clyde Brock and his abuse, BSA allowed Brock to resign due to “health reasons” and even suggested honoring him at the 50th anniversary Scout dinner to help dispel questions about his retirement from the troop.

He was eventually convicted in 1971 for molesting three young boys, ages 10 and 11.  BSA had the chance to inform the public about Clyde Brock and help prevent him from sexually abusing more children, but they decided to let Brock go free, which ultimately resulted in the abuse of these three young boys.

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