Catholic Church in Hawaii Settles 30 of 40 Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Hawaii mapThe Catholic Diocese of Honolulu has settled 30 of 40 sexual abuse lawsuits filed against it. The cases settled in mediation, which are continuing.

The Diocese of Honolulu is the only diocese to serve the entire state of Hawaii and is relatively small compared with other dioceses on the mainland. According to 2015 statistics, Hawaii has 220,000 Catholics, 66 parishes, and 128 priests. Given its size, the number of sexual abuse cases on the island is high. The Diocese of Honolulu has 41 priests who have been accused of sexual abuse.

Last June, Hawaii’s governor extended the civil statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims. The window in which a sexual abuse lawsuit may be filed has been extended to April 2016 and includes state and county schools and other private institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church.

There is still time for the victims of Hawaii child sexual abuse to come forward and seek justice. No victim of child sex crimes should ever be denied the opportunity to use the court system for justice. If you or someone you know was sexually abused as a child in Hawaii and you have questions about bringing a claim, call or email us at 503-616-5007 or

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