Beaverton City Council Compels Strip Club to Take Active Stance Against Child Sex Trafficking

starStars Cabaret, a Beaverton, Oregon strip club, has entered into a settlement agreement with the Beaverton City Council that requires the adult club to take measures against child sex trafficking.

According to The Oregonian, the three year deal requires the strip club to have a “zero tolerance policy” regarding sex trafficking and prostitution. The strip club will put up anti-child trafficking posters visible to patrons, entertainers and staff, and distribute the same brochure to new hires. The club will do criminal background checks of all strippers, check new hires against the missing kids database, and keep a file on each stripper with a photo and proof of background check. The club will hold roll calls throughout the day and keep tabs on strippers who leave early. Finally, the club will hire a compliance officer to monitor and help comply with the settlement.

Additionally, club staff must attend annual seminar on recognizing the signs of sex trafficking and prostitution. Local law enforcement will conduct three unannounced inspections of the club. In return, the city council has agreed not to oppose liquor license renewals or reinstatement of lottery contracts.

The agreement between the city and the club is a result of the club’s former manager conviction on charges of compelling prostitution, first degree sex abuse, and sodomy. The manager had hired a 13-year-old girl and compelled her to perform sexual acts on patrons. He received a 15-year prison sentence for his criminal acts.

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