Baltimore Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah Accused of Sexual Assault

Baltimore Doctor Y.K. Ramaiah Accused of Sexual AssaultDr. Y.K. Ramaiah has been accused of sexually assaulting a patient 25 years ago when he practiced medicine in East Baltimore.

The former patient contends that she was sexually assaulted by the doctor when she was 17 years old. During the assault, the examination room was locked and there was no female staff present in the room during the medical examination when Dr. Ramaiah touched her inappropriately.

The patient reported the assault to local law enforcement 25 years ago but there was no investigation of the alleged crime. There are no other charges against the doctor. Police have asked for statements from other patients of the doctor who might have also been sexually assaulted.

According to the local NBC news affiliate, “Y.K. Ramaiah, 75, was arrested on sexual offense and assault charges, police said. The patient said that on April 12 Ramaiah was supposed to be examining her for back pain, but inappropriately touched other areas of her body and made inappropriate comments, police said. She said, for example, that Ramaiah recommended she should “sexersize” to burn calories, according to police.

When police went to the clinic to talk to him, “There were a number of things that were troubling,” Baltimore City police Captain Ronda McCoy said. “First and foremost, as the patrol officer came to the door, some of Dr. Ramaiah’s comments we thought were a little odd. Police have identified another possible victim and have called in a federal agency as the investigation continues.

During the course of this investigation, there were some red flags sent up about some inconsistencies with Dr. Ramaiah’s practice. We contacted the Drug Enforcement Administration to have them conduct an investigation to confirm or dispel our suspicions of any malfeasance,” McCoy said.

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