Idaho Priest Arrested for Child Porn and Drugs Now Faces Sexual Abuse Allegation

Sadly, it comes as no surprise that Father William Thomas Faucher now faces an allegation of sexual abuse.  Prosecutors have noted that Faucher’s online activity included “desires to rape and kill children,” as well as collecting hundreds of images of child pornography. While the Diocese of Boise claimed in its initial press release that there […]

Civil Complaint Against Assembly of God Church

Seven Avoidable Legal Mistakes CPS Investigators Make

Child Protective Services workers are on the front lines when it comes to protecting abused and exploited children.  Professor Daniel Pollack recently asked me and other attorneys to help CPS investigators avoid some common legal landmines. Here is Dan’s article from the August issue of Policy & Practice magazine.  

Oregon Boy Scout Leaders Accused of Sexually Molesting Children

The LA Times database of publicly available Boy Scout “Perversion Files” includes records on 84 Oregon Scout volunteers accused of sexually molesting children or other wrongdoing sufficient to get them put into a BSA Ineligible Volunteer File. A map with all Oregon Perversion File perpetrators and their geographical locations at the time the BSA created […]

Utah Considers Eliminating Statute of Limitations in Civil Child Sex Abuse Cases

A Utah legislator has proposed a bill that would eliminate time restrictions on civil child sexual abuse cases. In 2008, Utah eliminated the statute of limitations on criminal child sexual abuse cases. However, under current law, the statute for civil cases runs out four years after a victim turns 18, or at the point of […]

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