SCOTUS in Harris v. Quinn: A Small Blow to Unions

While Harris, et al. v. Quinn, et al., the second U.S. Supreme Court decision issued last Monday, may not have received as much press as the Hobby Lobby decision, its consequences may be just as far-reaching and significant for employees and their right to make individual choices about their employment conditions. In Harris, the Supreme […]

What’s the Big Deal with the Hobby Lobby Case? Part II

Yesterday, I covered the majority opinion in the highly political and polarizing Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case that came down on Monday. When a decision is split 5-4, you know that it will likely ruffle some feathers. In Hobby Lobby, four justices dissented, including all of the female justices. Justice Ginsburg wrote the primary dissenting […]

What’s the Big Deal with the Hobby Lobby Case? Part I

If you’ve been following the news, or your Facebook or Twitter feed at all in the last 24 hours, you’ve likely been bombarded by stories and posts (and rants) praising the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case or declaring it to be the end of the world. Needless to say, you probably […]

California School Settles Daniel Witters Abuse Suit for $14 Million

Nation’s Largest Molestation Settlement Per Student California’s Moraga School District has agreed to pay two women $14 million to settle sexual abuse lawsuits involving biology teach Daniel Witters, who later committed suicide. According to the Contra Costa Times, “The hefty settlement — two other victims received $4.65 million last year — is the price of […]

Are Your Workers Employees or Independent Contractors? The Answer May Surprise You!

Owning a business is the American dream. It allows for independence, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. However, a lot of responsibility comes with that dream, including being current with the laws and regulations — both state and federal — that govern your relationships with your workers. One of the most common issues employers face is the […]

Baltimore Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault

Dr. Y.K. Ramaiah has been accused of sexually assaulting a patient 25 years ago when he practiced medicine in East Baltimore. The former patient contends that she was sexually assaulted by the doctor when she was 17 years old. During the assault, the examination room was locked and there was no female staff present in […]

Mediation Scheduled in William Walker Sex Abuse Case

Today, we are mediating a case involving the United Methodist Church. We filed a sex abuse lawsuit against the church on January 29, 2013 on behalf of an adult man who was sexually abused as a young boy by Methodist pastor William Walker. Walker died of complications from AIDS, which the church disclosed after his […]

Catholic Church: 848 Priests Removed for Sexual Abuse

The Associated Press is reporting that the Vatican’s U.N. ambassador to Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, revealed the figures during a second day of grilling Tuesday by a U.N. committee monitoring implementation of the U.N. treaty against torture. Tomasi revealed that 848 Catholic Church priests have been laicized (defrocked) as a result of allegations of sexual […]

If You Quit Your Job, Can You Receive Unemployment Benefits? The Answer May Surprise You

As a general matter of law, someone who quits a job is not eligible for unemployment benefits in Oregon. However, there is an important exception to this law. An employee who quits for “good cause” may still be eligible to receive unemployment benefits under certain circumstances. This exception was recently demonstrated by an Employment Appeals […]

Lake Oswego School Lawsuit Settled

This week, the Lake Oswego School District approved the settlement of claims brought by five brave men who committed themselves to finding justice for the sexual abuse they suffered as children at the hands of their elementary school teacher.  The men were in Judd W. Johnson’s fifth-grade class when, these men claimed, he sexually fondled […]

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