Army Captain and Former Boy Scout Leader Awaits Extradition to Washington to Face More Sex Abuse Charges

Already convicted of seven counts of child sex abuse in Virginia, former Army Captain and Boy Scout leader Robert Sypole is awaiting extradition to the state of Washington where he faces more sex abuse charges, including the alleged rape of his step-brother who committed suicide in 2017.  Garrett Sypole was 17 years old when he took his own life in 2017.  In a letter he left behind, he said that his step-brother had raped him when he was 5 years old.

Robert Sypole won’t be extradited until after he is sentenced in Virginia sometime in November 2019.  Some may wonder why the extradition is necessary since he already has been convicted of seven counts in Virginia.  However, anyone who has worked with abuse survivors knows the answer-part of the healing process for survivors is the pursuit of justice.  It is crucial for survivors to be heard and the crimes committed against them be recognized and the person responsible held accountable.

There are probably many more survivors of Robert Sypole in the state of Washington.  For their own well-being, I hope they come forward and contact law enforcement.

Laurie Boyce-Sypole has done her part.  She has reached out to potential victims and told them how important it is to come forward.

“And I hear from a lot of people, ‘You did this, you made the phone calls, nobody would have known this if you hadn’t done this.’”

She’s been in touch with the other victims’ families and talked about how the conviction has impacted them.

“It doesn’t take away the pain, it doesn’t take away the hurt, they’ve still been abused,” Laurie Boyce-Sypole said.

“However, they’re young and they’re getting the help they need to hopefully go forward in life and process this the way they need to.”

Sexual abuse thrives in secrecy and the cover of darkness.  The only way to rid society of this scourge is by exposing it to the light of truth.  Robert Sypole survivors in the state of Washington have an opportunity to protect children in the future by speaking up and coming forward now.

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