Adult Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Related Crimes

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Empowering Survivors

At Dumas & Vaughn, we have extensive experience representing adult survivors of sexual assault and harassment.  Taking that first step toward contacting an attorney about a traumatic event like sexual assault can be extremely difficult.  It takes courage.  We know that.  That is why we listen with compassion and patience, and will never push you to take a step in your case that you are not comfortable taking.  Being safe, heard, respected, and made whole are our primary goals for our clients.

Types of Sexual Assault and Related Claims

Sexual assault and harassment unfortunately takes on many different forms.  It can happen at the hands of a stranger, a friend, a family member, or a partner in a committed relationship.  It can happen at school or work or home.  It can range from inappropriate workplace comments to non-consensual touching to rape.  Related crimes can include the non-consensual sharing of intimate images, or “revenge porn;” domestic violence; and stalking.  Sexual battery includes the knowing transmission of a sexually transmitted disease, without the victim’s knowledge.

We have assisted survivors with civil claims for monetary damages against their perpetrators and the institutions that facilitated the abuse; employment-related BOLI/EEOC complaints, investigations, and claims for monetary damages and other workplace accommodations and reparations; with #metoo complaints and claims; internal Title IX investigation at educational institutions and subsequent Title IX clams; federal civil rights 1983 claims; FAPA, restraining, and stalking protective orders and hearings; and revenge porn cases.  Dumas & Vaughn are civil attorneys, but have a wide range of experience and knowledge in civil and criminal sexual claims.

Experienced Advocacy

Ashley Vaughn gained significant experience in handling sex-crime cases when she served as a Certified Law Clerk for two years at a high-volume District Attorney’s office, where she charged and prosecuted cases, assisted with felony sexual assault and child sexual abuse cases, and assisted with probation violation hearings for convicted sex offenders.  She has committed her practice to advocating for sexual assault survivors since 2012 and has represented hundreds of men and women in sexual assault cases, in a variety of contexts.  Gilion Dumas has also dedicated her practice to this work, and has represented thousands of survivors.

In addition to advising clients and litigating cases, Gilion and Ashley regularly present and write about significant developments in laws, practices, and news stories relating to child sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, and related areas.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a sexual assault or sex-related crime, and you would like to speak with Gilion Dumas or Ashley Vaughn, please send us a confidential message.

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