269 California Child Molesters in Unsealed Boy Scout Files

Below is a list of 269 California child molesters the Boy Scouts of America kicked out of Scouting in California because they sexually assaulted children. These names come from BSA’s own Ineligible Volunteer Files that have been unsealed by court order. For more information about these men or about other child molesters in Scouting not listed below, please contact us here at Dumas & Vaughn.

New Three-Year SOL Window Allows Claims in California

Starting January 1, 2020, anyone who was sexually assaulted when a child can file a civil lawsuit against a California child molester or the organization that allowed the abuse to happen. California has opened a three-year “window” in its statute of limitations for child sexual assault claims. For three years, starting January 1, 2020, anyone who was sexually assaulted as a child – no matter how long ago – can file a civil lawsuit, even if their claim was barred by the old statute of limitations.

This three-year window will allow men who were abused in Boy Scouts (and women who were abused in co-ed Explorer posts) to bring civil cases against the Boy Scouts of America for the sexual abuse they suffered as children. It is important to file a case as soon as possible after the California SOL window opens on January 1, 2020. Boy Scouts of America has said that it may file for “reorganization” bankruptcy, which would move all civil lawsuits into the bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy won’t prevent civil claims, but it will make them more complicated.

It also may be possible to bring civil lawsuits against the local Councils in California. Local Councils work hand in hand with BSA in running the Boy Scout program in California. Likewise, sponsoring organizations such as the Mormon Church, the Methodist Church, the Catholic Church, and others also may be sued if they knew about California child molesters and failed to protect children.

Boy Scout IV Files Track Child Abusers in Scouting

Since the 1920s, the Boy Scouts of America kicked out thousands of adult volunteers because they were accused of sexually assaulting children. BSA did not notify Scout families or the local communities about these dangerous predators. BSA kept track of the men it removed from Scouting by putting their names on an “Ineligible Volunteer List” and opening an “Ineligible Volunteer File” on each man. For decades BSA categorized the “IV Files” on men removed from Boy Scouts for sexually abusing children as “Perversion” files.

Here at Dumas & Vaughn, we have access to BSA’s IV Files dating back to the 1940s, which is as far back as they still exist. Some of these files were unsealed by court order and are available publicly because they were used as exhibits in a 2010 trial in Portland in which Gilion Dumas was one of the trial attorneys. In our other cases, courts have ordered BSA to give us other IV Files and many of these are available. More recent files from the 1990s to the present are not publicly available because court ordered them kept confidential.

Many Child Abusers in Scouting are Not in an IV File

Not all child molesters in Boy Scouts are in the Ineligible Volunteer Files. If you were abused or sexually exploited in Boy Scouts by an adult volunteer, a professional Scouter, or another Scout, the man who molested you may not be listed below. There are many reasons for this.

First, this is only a list of IV Files on California child molesters that are available to the public. Only existing files dating up to 1991 have been unsealed by courts and made public. No files created after 1991 are available to the public, although BSA has continued to keep these files right up to the present day.

Second, up until the 1980s, BSA destroyed an unknown number of files without keeping track of the names of the men in the destroyed files. There are no IV Files or for these men.

Finally, Boy Scouts of America only created an IV File on an accused abuser if the national headquarters of BSA learned of accusations against that man. For many decades, there was no policy or procedure for local volunteers to report accusations to the national office. So many – or even most – child molesters in Scouting were never reported to the national office and BSA never created Ineligible Volunteer Files on them.

269 California Child Molesters in BSA Files

No one knows how many men BSA removed from Scouting for sexually assaulting children. BSA’s existing, publicly available IV Files show BSA kicked out 269 California child molesters from Boy Scouts between 1956 and 1991.

The following list contains the names of these 269 men BSA kicked out of Scouting based on accusations of sexual abuse or other sexually inappropriate conduct with children in California. The list is organized by California county, year, and name. If the name is listed below, the file is available through our law firm.

We have access to additional files that are confidential because they are under court protective order. We have information on other California child molesters in Boy Scouts who are not in the IV Files. As discussed above, many or most child abusing Scout leaders are are not in the files.

Call us with questions about BSA’s IV Files, the names listed below, or questions about other child molesters in Boy Scouts. Our phone number is 503-616-5007. You can also contact us through our confidential contact form on this website.

map of California counties

Alameda County:

1959: Paul E. Oas, Oakland

1960: Eugene Albert Hansen, Hayward/San Lorenzo, Troops 602 and 625

1966: Charles Bert Dohm, Oakland, Troop 201

1967: Tommie E. Coffee, Oakland, Troop 452

1973: George William Leavitt, Berkeley, Troop 20

1986: Robert Edward Cox, Livermore, Troop 999

1987: William Barney, Union City, Pack 273

1987: Tommie E. Coffee, Oakland, Troop 452

1988: Steven Monroe Kabeary, Berkeley, Troop 22

1989: Julian Adams, Berkeley, Troop 4

1990: Alfred Carl Whitacre, Berkeley, Troop 22

1990: Christopher Lawrence, Hayward

1990: David M. Simmons, Livermore

1990: Jonathan Tampico, Livermore

Butte County:

1967: David Alden Miller, Chico, Troop 6

1967: Gary Lester Graves, Oroville, Troop 33

Calaveras County:

1986: Dean Ray Von Aspern, Murphys, Troop 343 and 346

1987: George Richard Hooper, West Point, Troop 348 and Pack 348

Contra Costa County:

1966: Harold Arnold Jones, Richmond, Pack 132

1966: William Green, Walnut Creek, Pack 89

1969: Ronald D. Schlieper, Concord, Troop 495 and 465

1989: Douglas Howes, El Sobrante, Troop 146

1989: Robert S. Turner, Walnut Creek, Explorer Port 2811

El Dorado County:

1967: Nelson Enriquez, South Lake Tahoe, Troop 143

Fresno County:

1968: W. Gideon Gibson, Laton

1973: Alan Craig Dunlap, Fresno, Pack 98 and Troop 98

1985: Stanley J. Nakanishi, Fresno

1989: Charles Bryant, Fresno, Troop 268

Lassen County:

1967: Thomas Lorenz Chrisman, Westwood, Troop 65

Los Angeles County:

1957: William Halliday Baird, Norwalk

1958: Marvin Bittick, Burbank

1960: Gerald E. Terflinger, Long Beach, Troop 40

1961: Carl D. Smith, Lancaster, Troops 186 and 586

1961: Robert L. Harding, Los Angeles, Troop 212

1961: John D. Smith

1963: Gregory Marshall, Tujunga, Troop 12

1964: Joaquin Chavez, La Puente

1964: William D. Gamble, Baldwin Park

1965: Eugene W. Gray, Los Angeles, Troop 70

1966: James Delma Ward, Santa Monica

1966: Terrance Daniel Layman, Los Angeles, Troop 218

1967: Joel Elisla Houck, Compton, Troop 633

1967: William H. Newberry, Sierra Madre, Troop 372

1967: Thomas Lorenz Chrisman, Santa Monica/Beverly Hills, Troops 107 and 67

1968: James D. Hulett, Claremont, Camp Staff

1969: Wyman C. Blankenship, Palmdale, Troop 335

1969: Stephen I. Brown, Van Nuys, Troop 105

1969: Richard William Talt, Hollywood, Assistant District Scout Executive Los Angeles Area Council

1971: Norman James Pace, Long Beach, Pack 153

1974: Charles Walker, La Crescenta, District 3

1977: Alan H. Grossman, Santa Monica, Troops 22 and 222

1978: Alan K. Dunn, Venice, Troop 326

1979: Roger Gates, Arcadia, Troop 125

1981: David J. Carlo

1982: Richard Edward Wood, Van Nuys Troop 18

1983: Kevin Keen Morrison, Long Beach, Troops 14 and 61

1984: Samuel L. Jones, Los Angeles

1984: James David Taff, Downey, Troop 423

1985: Donnie Allen Idle, Norwalk, Troops 571 and 981

1985: Joel Lachica, Los Angeles, Troop 355

1985: Charles S. Vaughn, Pomona, Troop 421

1986: Donald F. Kennaday, La Crescenta, Pack 3305

1986: Keith Dale Meyer, Long Beach, Troops 140 and 35

1986: Ken Miller, Pacific Palisades, Troop 400

1986: Daniel Montoya, Long Beach, Troop 121

1986: Scott R. Slattery, Cerritos, Troop 1030

1987: Edward Dillingham, Pacific Palisades, Troop 85

1987: Craig Mathias, Saugus, Troop 585

1987: Donald Rosen, Pasadena, Troop 672

1987: Larry Van Dyke, Gardena, Troop 203

1988: Howard A. Day, Cerritos, Troop 72 and Pack 72

1988: Stephen D. Field, Santa Monica, Troop 11

1988: Donald S. Kyle, Venice, Troop 34

1988: James A. Martinez, Hacienda Heights, Troop 726

1988: Patrick William Nenno, Santa Monica, Pack 605

1988: John Henry, Bellflower

1988: Annabel West, Bellflower

1989: Joseph A. Colbert, Long Beach, Troop 9

1990: Charles M. Jones, Norwalk, Troop 379

1991: Samuel J. Becker, Canoga Park, Pack 3721

1991: Ross Cusimano, West Covina, Troop 453

1991: Kim Morgan Harper, Los Angeles/Buena Park, Troops 45 and 471

1991: Dennis Walter Shult, Chatsworth, Troop 535

Marin County:

1988: John Martin Nykamp, Novato, Camp Staff

1989: James G. Thomas, San Anselmo, Pack 3037

1990: Roderick Patrick Martinelli

Mendocino County:

1961: James O. Branscomb, Willits, Troop 70

1969: William Francis Elton, Philo, Troop 51

1985: Richard Hugh Williams, Ukiah, Troop 75

1989: James O. Branscomb, Willits, Troop 70

1989: Jeffrey H. Mumford, Glendale, District 1

Monterey County:

1969: R Glenn Salyers, Salinas

1984: Albert A. Polinski, Salinas, Troop 232

1987: Wayne Spowyer Booth, Salinas, Troop 45

1988: Sergio Serra, Salinas, Pack 3013

1991: John L. Kelleher, Monterey, Troop 178

Napa County:

1965: Harry Cecil Ingling Jr., Napa, Troop 96

1986: Harvey S. Hankin, Napa, Troop 3

1988: Charles Edward Lawrence, Napa, Troops 2 and 24

Orange County:

1960: John Rainhardt Ulvilden, Garden Grove, Troop 167

1962: Richard Arlie Hurt, Orange, Troop 157

1964: David John Hough, Anaheim

1965: Valente R. Montiel, Santa Ana, Pack 71

1965: Donald Clarence Drake, Santa Ana, Troop 371

1966: Leo Adrien Cormier, Orange, Troop 155

1972: Donald Jefferson, Santa Ana, Troop 123

1977: David W. Phillips, Yorba Linda, Explorer Post 733

1978: Norman R. Webb, Garden Grove, Troop 147

1979: Richard J. Turley, Fountain Valley, Troop 514

1982: Allen L. Fields, Tustin, Troop 235

1983: Walter D. Scott, El Toro, Troop 634

1984: Rex Harrison Spencer, Anaheim, Troops 1152 and 100

1984: Kenneth Steelmon, Westminster, Troop 216

1985: Daniel Wheeler, Orange, Troops 5 and 151

1985: Scott Lokken, El Toro

1987: Al LaBadie, Huntington Beach, Troop 226 and Pack 226

1988: Paul F. Hernandez, Santa Ana, Troop 28 and Pack 203

1988: Robert E. Kredel, Irvine, Explorer Post 24

1988: David Robert Negrette, Huntington Beach/Santa Ana, Troops 274 and 348 and 123

1989: Robert Taylor, Anaheim, Troop 581

1989: Kurt E. Van Hovatter, Orange, Pack 336

1990: Ed Rincon, Garden Grove, Troop 75

1990: Donald L. Wright, El Toro, Troops 628 and 728

1991: John Atwood, Orange, Troop 210 and Explorer Post 336

Placer County:

1967: Raymond L. Thomas, Roseville, Troop 14/Explorer Post 11

Riverside County:

1963: John C. Boyd, Riverside, Troop 13

1966: Gary Edison Busher, Idyllwild, Troop 99

1967: Carl Robert Jones, Riverside

1973: Gilbert A. Reinbold, Riverside

1975: Melvin E. McKinney, Norco, Troops 433 and 33

1983: Richard H. Ardrey, Riverside, Troop 171

1988: Jerry Henson, Desert Hot Springs, Pack 59

1988: Rex Scott, Lake Elsinore, Troop 36

1988: Gary James Stevens, Hemet, Pack 310

1989: Arthur C. Evans, Idyllwild/Riverside, Pack 8601

1989: Edward P. Kuper, Moreno Valley, Pack 100

1989: Richard W. Shaffer, Indio, Pack 252

1990: Chris J. Beers, Riverside, Pack 7

Sacramento County:

1968: Frank Richard Cowling, Rio Linda, Pack 233

1969: Charles Fl Bryan, Citrus Heights, Troop 372

1973: David E. Cates, Sacramento, Troop 576

1973: David B. Pease, Sacramento, Troop 255

1973: Gregory Alan Pilkington, Fair Oaks, Troop 215

1985: Lawrence Stephen Jones, Carmichael, Troop 386

1985: Terrance J. Maddock, Sacramento, Troop 226

1985: John Norman Olson, Sacramento, Troop 226

1986: Hank A. Jones, Sacramento, Pack 38

1988: David A. Peat, Galt, Troop 119 and Pack 3084

1989: Jerry Lee Sparks, Sacramento

1991: Carleton Benjamin Willey, Sacramento, Troop 291

San Bernardino County:

1959: Melbourne S. Hamilton, San Bernardino

1968: Bruce C. Smith, Upland/Alta Loma/Ontario, Troops 644 and 325

1968: James C. Smith

1980: William Holdsworth, Twentynine Palms, Troop 82

1986: John Graham, Barstow, Troop 60

1987: James J. Nahodyl, Victorville, Troop 1058

1988: James J. Buxton, Wonder Valley, Troop 341

1988: David A. Reed, Wonder Valley, Troop 1341

1988: Brian West

1988: John Henry West, Bellflower

1990: James McCormick, Baker, Explorer Post 265

1990: Thomas J. Pike, Redlands, Pack 9

San Diego County:

1960: Victor James Peterson, Encinitas, Sea Scouts 776

1961: Clifford H. Anglin, San Diego

1963: Alfred (Al) Pfanstiehl, San Diego, Sea Scouts 511

1963: Leo Patrick McDonald, San Diego

1963: Owen Herbert Barkley, San Diego, Troop 877

1964: William P. Dessert, El Cajon, Troop 375

1965: Robert Drake, San Diego

1965: Robert Pine, San Diego

1966: Verner Pybala, San Diego, Pack 909

1967: David Robert Metzger

1969: Robert Louis Barrett, Coronado, Troop 801

1970: William Dale Adams, Chula Vista, Troop 897

1975: Richard E. Humphrey, Chula Vista, Troop 811

1976: Judith A. Tercey, San Diego, Pack 279

1976: Franklin K. Tercey, San Diego, Pack 279

1976: Raymond L. Weeks, San Diego, Troop 295

1984: Max C.W. Kelly, San Diego

1988: Richard A. Schaeffer, San Diego, Pack 8653

1988: William Oliver, Imperial Beach

1989: Kirk O. Immel, San Diego, Troop 201

1990: Rodney F. Stark, San Diego, Troop 622

1990: Merlin Edward Mundy, Bonita, Troop 804

1990: Fremont “Bud” Shaver, Vista

1990: Jerry B. Frazier, El Cajon, Pack 301

1991: Thomas R. Wood, San Diego, Troop 59

1998: Clyde H. Means, Imperial Beach

San Francisco County:

1957: John P. Wilson, San Francisco

1958: John H. Bell, San Francisco

1962: Jon Joseph Rubin, San Francisco

1964: Melvin G. Verneuy, San Francisco, Pack 111

1970: Walter Lee Fisher, San Francisco, Troop 121

1988: James Allen Baxley, APO San Francisco, Troop 310

San Joaquin County:

1975: Dan W. Meeks, Lodi, Troop 226

1988: Herbert Henry Falk, Stockton, Troop 148

1988: Daniel Meadows, Stockton, Pack 3100

1990: Terry Blackwell, Lathrop, Pack 493

1990: Ronald Kelly Pugh, Lathrop, Troop 4935 and Pack 4935

San Luis Obispo County:

1959: Charles Maurison Cobb, San Luis Obispo

1961: Carlisle J. O’Neal, Atascadero, Pack 53

1963: Paul Denton Rogers, San Luis Obispo, Troop 411

1967: Gary Mitchell Nabors, Paso Robles, Troop 62

1973: Richard D. Lee, Arroyo Grande

1974: Emilio A. Gomez, San Luis Obispo, Troop 350

1976: Jayne A. Furness, Arroyo Grande, Troop 432

San Mateo County:

1982: Craig Markinson, Daly City

1987: Robert Smith, Redwood City, Troop 199

1988: Robert Kenneth Auleb, Pacifica, Troop 264

1989: Richard C. Stenger, Menlo Park, Sea Scouts

1989: Robert Wong, San Mateo, Troop 44

1989: Melvin F. Roseveare. Menlo Park, Camp Staff

1990: Gail D. Fisher, San Mateo, Troop 31

Santa Barbara County:

1961: John Reed Kendrick, Santa Barbara

1962: Paul Doner, Carpinteria, Troop 55

1968: Kenneth K. Knutson, Goleta, Pack 14

1968: John L. Brady, Vandenberg, Troop 392

1972: Herbert Lewis Sullivan, Santa Barbara, Explorer Post 4

1989: Garth E. Ratliff, Santa Barbara, Pack 3075

1991: Richard H. Wolfersteig, Santa Maria, Pack 77

Santa Clara County:

1961: Edward Troy Smith, Sunnyvale/San Jose, Troops 438 and 233

1962: Charles Newville, San Jose, Pack 251

1966: Thomas Burton Watson, Los Gatos, Troop 501

1967: Richard Montgomery Hiltner, Sunnyvale

1967: Samuel Lynn Reid, San Jose

1969: Jon Clifford O’Bryon, San Jose, Troop 652

1969: Richard Paul Huntsinger, Saratoga, Troop 500

1971: Charles McCrery, Sunnyvale, Troop 463

1972: Ronald S. Wentworth, Palo Alto, Sea Scouts 146

1980: Craig D. Hartley, Los Altos, Troops 30 and 36

1987: Nathan Albert Clark, San Jose, Pack 278

1987: Thomas Sowers, San Jose, Pack 3214

1988: David E. Keyes, San Jose, Troop 400

1988: Gordon Reade, Palo Alto, Explorer Post 152

1989: George Butler, San Jose, Troop 295

1990: Donald K. Carpontier, Milpitas, District 8633

1990: Gary A. Carson-Hull, Los Altos, Troop 33

1990: Robert Graham Ney, San Jose, Troop 266

Shasta County:

1985: David William Moeller, Anderson, Troop 75

Siskiyou County:

1986: William Burke Cope, Dorris, Troop 70

Solano County:

1972: Carl P. Spalding, Vallejo, Troop 60 and Explorer Post 4

1984: Curtis H. Knarich, Travis AFB, Troop 150

1988: William E. Roberts, Vacaville, Pack 180

1988: James Albert Swasey, Pack 101 and Sea Scouts 129

Sonoma County:

1965: Joseph D. Boudreaux, Santa Rosa

1968: Samuel Joseph Withrow, Santa Rosa

1969: Mark Verloop, Santa Rosa, Troop 123

1984: Richard Wargo

1986: Paul Gilbert Smith, Santa Rosa, Troop 125

1987: Daniel Ray Brotherton, Cloverdale

1988: Donald J. Schauer, Petaluma, Sea Scouts 1

Stanislaus County:

1965: Albert Ross Marshall, Riverbank

1983: Henry Paugh, Modesto, Troops 39 and 139 and Pack 39

1987: Kenneth L. Hanigan, Modesto, Troop 77 and Packs 56 and 5

Tulare County:

1966: Charles Henry Hicks, Tulare

1975: Malcolm F. Money, Tulare, Troop 202

Tuolumne County:

Mark E. Stahl, Jamestown, Troop 60

Ventura County:

1956: Alfred G. Forrester, Port Hueneme

1968: John Allen McClure, Ventura

1970: Warren K. Ungles, Santa Susana, Troop 606

1984: Allen James Garver, Oxnard, Troop 239 and Pack 3207

1985: Edward Bruce Bartholomew, Oxnard, Troop 254

1988: Stephen D. Field, Filmore, Troop 411

1989: Willis Dale King, Santa Paula, Troop 309

1989: Norbert M. Kinsler, Ventura, Troop 119 and Pack 8601

Yuba County:

1988: John F. Roberts, Marysville, Pak 3077

Yolo County:

1968: Edward George Silvius, Davis

1986: Charles William Robb, Davis, Troop 193 and Pack 193

1990: Robert E. Halferty, Davis, Troop 111



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