Robert Joseph Ewing – Oregon Boy Scouts Perversion Files

boy-scout-silhouette-clipartIn 1991, BSA kicked out Robert Joseph Ewing, a Cub Scout volunteer with Scout Pack 777 in Florence, Oregon. His sister told Boy Scout officials that he had an interest in underage boys and had sexually abused minor boys in the past.

According to Ewing’s “Ineligible Volunteer File,” Ewing’s sister reported to BSA that Robert had been sexually abused as a child and that when Robert was 16 years old, she saw him engaging in oral sex with a 6-year-old boy. The sister also said that instead of being at home with the family during Thanksgiving 1990, Ewing was away with a 12-year-old boy. She told the Boy Scouts that she was sure Robert was sexually abusing young boys and should not be allowed in Scouting.

In a letter written to Scout Executive Jerry Dempsey, Paul Ernst, the Director of Registration and Statistical Service, said that Ewing’s file had been reviewed and that BSA had placed Ewing in their permanent Ineligible Volunteer (“I.V.”) file system. Even though the Boy Scouts learned about Ewing’s sexual abuse of young boys, there is nothing in the “I.V.” file that shows that BSA contacted law enforcement about Ewing. Furthermore, there’s nothing that shows that BSA contacted or gave any information about Ewing to the parents of boys in Pack 777.

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