Pastor Michael Sperou Goes to Trial on Child Sex Abuse Charges

Clackamas pastorAs Michael Sperou gets set for trial on criminal charges that he sexually abused a kindergarten-age girl in the mid-1990s, the jury will hear testimony from six other women who claim they were also sexually abused by Sperou. While the six women will provide testimony of sexual abuse, they are not able to seek justice against Sperou because the statute of limitation expired concerning their cases. However, their testimony should prove crucial in providing evidence of prior bad acts on the part of Sperou. Such testimony will be used by prosecutors in the case to show motive and intent on the part of Sperou (sometimes called MO evidence).

According to the Oregonian, “During what’s expected to be a 2 ½-week-long trial, Sperou, 64, will fight three counts of first-degree sexual penetration of the one girl. If convicted of all of the charges, he would face a minimum of 7 ½ years in prison. Much of Sperou’s defense is expected to be that the alleged victim in the case — as well as the six other women who say they were abused as children — are harboring false memories.”

As in most sexual abuse trials, the case’s outcome will hinge on the consistency and impact of witness testimony. The six women who will come forward to testify on behalf of this victim are to be lauded for their courage and selflessness in testifying in court. As Daniel Webster once said, “there is nothing so powerful as truth”.

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